QR Code Customer Survey

QR Codes with embedded surveys using fun and interactive emojis can be a quick and easy way to collect your customer's feedback. Allow your customers to have a hassle-free experience when providing feedback by allowing them to quickly scan a QR code and choose from our variety of emojis responses.

QR Code Feedback

Your customers are so busy with day-to-day activities, make life easier for them by providing a Two-step feedback process using our QR Codes.
  • Emoji Questionnaires
  • Real-Time Surveys
  • Measures NPS scores
  • High Survey Response Rates

OneTap Feedback

Providing feedback made easy! Customers will scan a QR Code with their phone and the first survey question will appear. The customer will then tap on an emoji to share their feedback.

  • OneTap Feedback
  • Ask Multiple Questions

3 simple steps to provide feedback

Scan QR Code

Scan QR code using built in camera app on your device

Tap Emojis to Complete Survey

Survey will open in your device's web browser. Simply complete by tapping emojis.

Feedback Completed!

Feedback submitted and will be accessible immediately within dashboard reports

How To Promote QR Code Survey


Print on the bottom of receipts/invoices

Email Address

Send questionnaire to your customer's email addresses

Wall Poster

Create signage to post on walls/windows