About Us.

Our mission

To help our customers increase their revenue and enhance brand loyalty through customer satisfaction by providing futuristic, simple, and accurate feedback solutions.

Our vibe

We are creative, Modern, technology forward thinking and like to go the extra mile for our customers. And we won't stop until those feedbacks are completed!

Our promise

To help our clients capture and manage customer feedback from multiple sources over the Internet with tools for sharing, rating, posting, and saving.

What Is Our Product?

HappyReply is an emoji-based research tool that is used to capture and analyse customer feedback, dedicated to helping businesses get the necessary customer data needed to make more informed decisions and improve the products and services offered.


Customer Experience Analysis

  • iconEmoji-Questionnaires Our emoji-based questionnaires enhance companies' feedback rates.
  • iconAnalyticsEasy access to automatic reports that give you real-time data on the value of your questionnaires and services.
  • iconAudience Targeting Use demographics (income, age, location) to capture information from specific groups.
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Event Analysis

Broadcast and email is best use for something announcing significant changes .

  • Feedback on your product, and services.
  • Drive customers to your brand.
  • Improve customer experiences.
  • Keeps you up to date with business insights and market trends.
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Collect Feedback Anywhere

Happy Reply allows you to hear from your customers no matter where they are


Simple to use

Its easy to navigate, making the feedback process seamless

Save time & Effort

Emoji Based feedback is simple to use and saves alot of your customers time.